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Ghost Town...

Quorra a posted Feb 16, 12
Hey guys,

It seems as though the folks in our guild has slowly disappearing. Be it work, other games, hatred for bugs, etc. I'm going to be sticking around with the game for some time and I can only assume Huutou, Spectre, and Robotwat will be as well. We seem to be the only regulars currently.

I see others on from time to time and I can only say that I hope you stick around! Hopefully this game takes off and more interest is gained from the MMO community. 

In the meantime, don't expect updates from the guild much until things pick up. You'll always find us in game though!


Pewpew School has taken over my life. I hope to be able to make time to play again once school dies down / ends.

Lightning Bolt!

Quorra a posted Jan 24, 12
Watch. Laugh.

Quorra a that's funny!
Bacon I'll see your larp and raise you a larp.

Item Set Bonuses

Quorra a posted Jan 17, 12
Here you go...

Hey guys!

Spectre wrote up a nice little piece to gearing to help get you started and on your way to running HM FPs and Ops. 

FP & Ops guides

Quorra a posted Jan 12, 12
Hey guys!

I found a pretty decent site that has good explanations and videos of completing HM Flashpoints and Operations. Take a look and start getting an idea of what is to come for each encounter!

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